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LTU engine Version 6 has the following new features

New Feature Details
New administrative interface New interface to manage the LTU engine server and applications
Easy application management Applications may be managed directly from the Admin Interface: enable or disable applications, edit advanced parameters of applications,rename applications
Manage, create and reload applications (without system restart) Applications may be managed without restarting LTU engine.
Statistical tools Comprehensive statistics of general system utilization as well details of each individual applicaion. Statistics are available in graphic and numeric formats, and statistics may be exported in .csv files for further analysis.
View all queries effected on LTU engine The administrative interface includes visual logs of all queries, displaying both queries and results.
Matching zone Displaying the matching zone permits visualization of the common visual content in the query and reference images.

LTU engine 6 has the following changes in architecture :

Architecture Details
Faster response time for mobile applications Mobile configuration for optimized response time down to 500 ms whatever the database size.
Increased scalability LTU engine is now organized in many separate processes and services. That allows capacity adjustments without restarting the entire system.
New JSON API for system administation Every LTU administration action (query) can be now done directly via the new API.
New JSON API for image management and search No need to use any SDK, applications may be plugged directly on the JSON API.
External database manager no longer necessary LTU image signatures (image DNA) are stored by LTU engine server in an integrated database system; it is no longer necessary to install an external database manager.